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Name Description

Cold War Submarine Memorial

Website of the Cold War Submarine Memorial, located adjacent to Charleston Harbor in Mount Pleasant, near the entrance to the Patriot's point Naval and Maritime Museum.

41 For Freedom

This page is dedicated to the 41 Boats that served as the real deterrent to nuclear war during the Cold War era and all the men who went to sea in them.

The Goat Locker

The Online Home of the United States Navy Chief community.

Submarines In The Cold War

Smithsonian Museum of American History's on-line look at Fast Attacks and Boomers. Complements the nice exhibit at the Museum of American History.

Submarine Force Museum

The Submarine Force Museum in Groton, CT is the only submarine museum operated by the United States Navy and maintains the world's finest collection of submarine artifacts.

Naval Undersea Museum

The mission of this facility is to preserve, collect and interpret Naval undersea history, science and operations for the benefit of the US Navy and the people of the United States. it is located in Keyport, WA close to the Naval Base Kitsap.

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park's mission is to restore and preserve the World War II submarine USS Bowfin (SS-287), and submarine-related artifacts. it is located at Pearl Harbor, HI next to the Arizona Memorial.

St. Mary's Submarine Museum

The St. Mary's Submarine Museum is located near the Kings Bay submarine base and has a wide variety of Submarine artifacts, memorabilia and information to teach you about the silent service.

United States Navy Memorial

The United States Navy Memorial offers Sea Service men and women ways to reconnect with each other, celebrate their shared experiences and preserve the memories and stories of their service. - The Submarine

Offiical US Navy with data on the role of submarine in the today's US Navy.

Submarine Research Center

The Submarine Research Center is a small group of retired submariners who collect and disseminate information about submarines.

Submarine Museums in the US

A website listing submarines that are currently on display in the Unites States.

FBM Reactor Compartments at Hanford, WA

The James Monroe reactor compartment is #16 in the bottom picture.

Naval Submarine League

A professional association for the submarine community.

All Hands Magazine

An archive of more than 80 years worth of All Hands Magazine.

Submarine World Network

The world's largest submarine directory listing 1000+ links to submarines of aLL nations and aLL periods of history. A major communication network for USSVI.

Submarine Sailor dot Com

Where Submariners Stay in Touch.

United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

We are United States Submarine Sailors! We were, and are, members of the elite fighting force of the United States Navy. We are all QUALIFIED IN SUBMARINES.

Submarine Force Museum Store

The on-line store of the Submarine Force Library and Museum with submarine gifts and collectible memorabilia

The Sub Vet Store

Custom submarine merchandise to show your pride in being a submariner.

Submarine Ship's Store

Submarine ball caps, memorabilia, souvenirs, and more!

Submarine Gear

Everything that's cool for the submariner!

Your original submarine store.

Prior Service

Your home for military gifts and clothing.

BC Patch

BC Patch, LLC offers you a wide variety of military related embroidered patches and can do custom embroidery as well.

Cold War Submarines

Offer museum quality submarine replicas of United States Navy nuclear submarines and diesel submarines.

Navy photographs, framed pictures, T-shirts and sweatshirts, books, photo mugs and other photo related gifts.

Veramar Naval Products

Photo and art prints on canvas.

Navy Submarine Ball Caps

Artist Tom Denton documents the history of the submarine program through his watercolor prints of Diesel (Fleet) Boats, Fast Attack, the 41 For Freedom SSBNs (Polaris and Poseidon), TRIDENT SSBNs, British Tridents and SSBNs.

Naval Emporium

Naval Service Gifts and Engravings

Kings Mountain Art Works

Customized ship prints by Ian Hall.

James Monroe Plaque at the Navy Memorial

Details of the USS James Monroe commemorative plaque at the Navy Memorial. This plaque was sponsored by the USS James Monroe Association and was installed in May, 2009.

The SSBN In National Security

By Admiral Richard W. Mies is Commander in Chief, United States Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. The Command has responsibility for all U. S. Air Force and U. S. Navy strategic nuclear forces supporting the national security objective o

James Monroe-All Hands 1971

James Monroe sea trials 1969