Century Stealth Sub

Some of you may be interested in this National Geographic programs that covers the operations of one of the SSGN’s, former Trident SSBN’s that was converted to SSGN’s ( G means guided missile ) to become the US Navy’s latest weapon in the global fight against terrorism. The program will be shown on June 24, 2010.

Century Stealth Sub
Countless movies and novels have fictionalized the secret brotherhood of the submariner. But few of us outside this close-knit community ever get to witness what really goes on deep beneath the ocean waves. Take an unprecedented journey with the US Navy’s latest weapon in the global fight against terrorism: the SSGN or ‘guided missile submarine.’ National Geographic Channel joins Captain Randy Crites and the crew of the USS Florida as they engage in a covert Joint Operations mission with Special Forces: sneaking Navy SEALs on to shore to identify a terrorist target, and taking it out with guided missiles – fired from the submarine itself.

Get an in-depth look at the technology that allows this sub to go deeper, remain submerged longer, and stay quieter than previous generations of submarines. And witness the secret weapons that lay hidden within her hull, allowing her to enable Special Forces deployments anywhere, anytime. This is a new weapon for a new war.

Come aboard as National Geographic takes a ride on the 21st Century Stealth Sub. The program airs Thursday June 24 at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel. Check your television program guide for local specifics.

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The dates and hotel details for the 2011 USS James Monroe Association have been posted on the website. Look under the menu item for Reunion and Events and then select the menu for Reunion 2011. The next reunion has been scheduled for June 20 – 24 in Charleston, SC.


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